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Helloo! It's 7th of December which means that there are only nineteen days till Christmas. This year I'm feeling extremely festive and I already started decorating my house (room mostly) for the Christmas and New Year. I'm so bloody excited. 

Today I'm writing an update on my hair. If you're following me on Instagram you know that I did balayage back in May and absolutely loved it. I have never thought that a simple haircut/hair color can change the why you look at yourself. But that surely happened to me. It somehow gave me confidence and simply it completed me as a person.

When it comes to my hair I'm really lazy to go to a hair salon so I left it to grow and do her thing. And with time it became really damaged and broom-like so I decided that I had to do something about it. I like my hair long and this length is perfect for me so I didn't want to cut short or anything like that. I know that I will have to do it at some point but at the moment I just can't.
After days of searching for the ways to somehow fix my hair my friend told me that I should try Olaplex treatment.

What is Olaplex you ask? Olaplex is system that permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds in your hair that are broken during the chemical process. If you've over-bleached over the years or just have bleached your hair,  Olaplex allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair; a 'reset' for your locks, if you want to say it like that.

So I went to the first hairdresser that knew how to do Olaplex and I could see the difference after the first wash. After a year my hair had shine again and felt so soft and looked really beautiful and healthy which I honestly thought would never happen again. 
This is not paid or sponsored I simply loved it and had to share it with you guys. So if you ever want to repair your hair try this treatment I guarantee you that it will help you.

xx Dzaniica

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  1. I did balayage over a month ago and it changed how I felt about myself too, so I totally know what you mean! Great post

  2. Your hair looks great - so long and wavy! I've wanted to try olaplex for a long time but I'm not 100% sure... I haven't touched my hair for about a year & a half so it's finally healthy and natural - but seeing beautiful dye jobs always makes me want to change my mind!

  3. Wow you hair is awesome!
    I'm the first time on your blog, and I've been amazed by it.
    I'm following you now dear, hope that you'll return the favor

  4. Love your post dear ♥
    If you want check out my blog.I write about fashion,beauty and lifestyle.Maybe we can follow each other and be great blogger friends !