The Blushed Nude Palette Maybelline | REVIEW

3:30:00 PM

Hello! Today I'm going to tell you about my new favorite palette by Maybelline.
I've seen bloggers and youtbers talk about this palette for so long so I had to get one and try it. And I can happily say that this is the best purchase I did in a long time.

With the rose gold packaging and 12 eyeshadows in rose gold shades, The Blushed Nudes looks a lot like UD’s Naked 3 palette… Am I right? The resemblance between these two is incredible. Maybelline got their inspiration from Naked 3 palette for sure.
They may be similar in color but they are definitely different in price. You can find this palette for only $10 while the UD's Naked 3 palette is $54. Of course as usual if you pay more the products are better, in this case the UD's Naked 3 palette is more pigmented than The Blushed Nudes but if you use a little more product you can get more intense color an shine on the lid.

The wear time isn’t bad at all. These shadows last about seven or eight hours on my combo lids, and as for fallout, I only see very little.
I strongly recommend this palette, it's one of the best palettes I have seen in a while. And for this price you get a really good product.

Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?

xx Dzaniica

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  1. Divna je paleta! Pigmentacija je super i nijanse su odlično izabrali :) xx Maja
    Maja's Muffin

  2. paleta je odlicna

  3. Follow me, I follow you. Perfect post dear. 👍😍❤